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Winter in Antalya? TUI Makes it Easier for British Travelers

As TUI Group recognizes a shift in consumer behavior favoring travel flexibility, the travel giant has announced a substantial increase in its winter offerings in Turkey’s Antalya region for British holidaymakers.

In an expansion aimed at meeting the growing demand for holidays beyond the traditional summer months, TUI will bump up its capacities for Antalya by 30% for the winter season of 2023/24.

Sebastian Ebel, CEO of TUI Group, said the rise in demand for holidays transcends the standard summer travel window. “Customers want a high degree of flexibility,” Ebel remarked. “Many regions have prepared well for the longer season and are launching joint initiatives with TUI.”

In 2022 alone, 1.9 million guests traveled to Turkey with TUI. While the country is a popular summer hotspot, TUI Deutschland has already made it possible for German customers to book holidays in Antalya all year round, making it TUI’s fifth largest winter destination. Now, British customers will also be able to benefit from this extended availability.

TUI’s integrated business model allows it to adapt quickly to changes in consumer demand. Having its own fleet of aircraft and a portfolio of hotels makes it possible for TUI to offer holidays year-round. “The longer season pays off for the destinations’ tourism strategy and TUI can utilize its aircraft and hotels longer and more efficiently,” Ebel added.

Already providing year-round tours to locations like Palma de Mallorca, Faro, and Jerez from Germany, the group’s expansion to include year-round offerings to British customers for Antalya is a logical next step.

Ebel concluded, “Mediterranean destinations are among the top destinations for summer holidays. This will also be the case in the future. But we see clear potential for additional offers throughout the year. The season is getting longer, creating additional opportunities for the destinations and for TUI.”

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