Corfu Island wildfires

Corfu Island Begins Evacuation as Greek Wildfires Persist Amid Record Heat

With wildfires relentlessly raging across the Greek islands for the sixth day in a row, evacuation efforts have now commenced on the island of Corfu, as authorities grapple with the spreading infernos, including on the popular tourist destination of Rhodes.

According to the Greek Fire Service, twelve residential areas on Corfu have been evacuated. Tourists caught in the affected regions are being relocated to the safer village of Kassiopi.

Corfu Mayor Yorgos Mahimaris, in a statement to Greek news agency AMNA, termed the situation as challenging. He noted that the fires have already reached the initial houses in the region of Megulas, indicating the growing severity of the situation.

Several nations, including Türkiye, have extended their support to Greece in its struggle to douse the flames that have so far resulted in considerable damage to houses and forests across the country.

Amid these widespread fires, Greece has also recorded its hottest day since 2006. On Sunday, temperatures soared to 46.4C (115.5F) in the southern town of Gytheio, as reported by daily Kathimerini, referencing data from the National Observatory of Athens. The extreme heatwave has further complicated the wildfire situation, posing significant challenges for the ongoing firefighting efforts. (AA)

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