Russia to Offer 4-Day Electronic Visas to Citizens of 52 Countries from August

The President of the Russian Federation has given his nod to the introduction of a unified electronic visa system, valid across Russia, starting from August 1, 2023.

The initiative currently extends to citizens of 52 countries and is expected to expand to include more nations. Notably, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar are soon to be added to the list as per the order of the Russian Government.

Foreign citizens can apply for this visa by filling out an application form electronically on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at or through a mobile application posted for download on the specified website.

The application process requires a submission at least 4 calendar days before the expected date of entry into Russia, accompanied by a digital photograph and a scanned copy of the machine-readable passport page.

The unified electronic visa, which is chargeable as per current Russian legislation, allows foreign citizens a single entry into Russia. It serves multiple purposes such as guest visits, business trips, tourism, and participation in a range of events spanning from scientific and cultural to socio-political, economic, and sports.

Once issued, the electronic visa is valid for 60 days, within which a foreign citizen can stay in Russia for a maximum of 16 days from the date of entry. The e-visa is accepted at 92 checkpoints across the Russian Federation, allowing entry and exit by air, road, and water transport, as well as without the use of vehicles.

In an effort to ensure a smooth journey, transport companies can verify the validity of a foreign citizen’s electronic visa on a special automated website of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

This significant digital stride marks a new chapter in Russia’s visa processing, fostering global connectivity while also simplifying travel for foreign citizens.

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