Wildfire on Rhodes Island Leads to Mass Tourist Evacuation

Wildfire on Rhodes Island Leads to Mass Tourist Evacuation Amid Greece’s Ongoing Struggle


A raging wildfire on Rhodes island in Greece prompted the evacuation of thousands of tourists and residents from settlements on Saturday, as the inferno, fueled by strong winds, continued to spread, local media outlets have reported.

The widespread blaze, which ignited on Tuesday, forced evacuations from three hotels situated on the island’s southeastern coast. According to daily Kathimerini, tourists in Kiotari were initially relocated to a neighboring beach before being safely moved to other parts of the island.

Authorities also urged residents from the villages of Lardos, Pylonas, Asklipios, and Kiotari to evacuate to the nearby area of Gennadi as recommended by Greece’s Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Ministry.

The effort to control the fire has engaged 173 firefighters along with fire extinguishing aircraft battling against the harsh winds. The situation has been exacerbated by a series of planned power outages, which left a substantial portion of the island without electricity.

Greece’s current struggle with rampant wildfires is part of a larger, national issue. Firefighting planes from various countries, including Türkiye, have been called in to assist with extinguishing the fires that have devastated homes and the environment across the country. (AA)

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