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New Study Maps Out Crypto Millionaires and Best Countries for Crypto Adoption

According to the inaugural Crypto Wealth Report by Henley & Partners, there are now 88,200 crypto millionaires worldwide, with almost half holding their fortunes in ...
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Tourist Tragedy at Sea: Algeria-Morocco Maritime Incident Raises Questions on Human Rights

Algeria is facing international scrutiny after its coast guard opened fire on three tourists on jet skis who entered Algerian waters on August 29, leading ...
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Looted Roman Statue

Cleveland Museum Faces Scrutiny Over Allegedly Looted Roman Statue

A headless bronze statue, thought to represent the Roman statesman Marcus Aurelius, has been seized from the Cleveland Museum of Art in Ohio, USA.
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Thailand Privilege Cards

Thailand Privilege Card Co. Ltd Revamps Residency Program to Attract Global Elites

Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd (TPC), the operator of the Thailand Elite Card Project managed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, has announced a significant ...
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Carriacou and Petite Martinique Set for Tourism Revival

Bolstering Carriacou and Petite Martinique: A Masterplan by the Grenada Tourism Authority

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has initiated an ambitious outreach program to bolster tourism in Carriacou and Petite Martinique.
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American Tourist’s Disturbing Actions Stun Greek Island Locals

As the summer months draw to a close, an unsettling event on Greece’s picturesque Gavdos Island left locals and visitors shocked.
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Stay Ahead of the Curve: The Latest Trends in Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is often cited as one of the most important goals for organizations today. With the right level of engagement, employees can become more ...
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Travel & Tourism

Resurgence in Travel & Tourism: WTTC Reports Strong Return to Growth Amidst Pandemic Setbacks

The global travel and tourism industry is showing signs of a powerful recovery, overcoming the devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the World ...
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Tourism Deal Activity

Sharp Decline in Travel and Tourism Deal Activity in 2023, But China Shows Promise

As various industries faced turbulent market conditions in the first seven months of 2023, the travel and tourism sector experienced a significant downturn in deal ...
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Alleged Gang Rape in Majorca Resort Under Investigation: Six Tourists Detained

Spanish authorities have initiated an inquiry into a distressing incident involving an 18-year-old British woman who was allegedly gang-raped in the prominent holiday resort of ...
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British Museum

British Museum Faces Security Concerns Following Staff-Driven Thefts

In a shocking revelation, the British Museum has terminated a staff member suspected of pilfering historical jewels from a storeroom, initiating a comprehensive review of ...
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Things You Can Do To Make Cryptocurrency More Profitable

The cryptocurrency sector has experienced rapid growth in recent years, yielding impressive rewards for early investors. In contrast to conventional- stock markets, cryptocurrency markets provide ...
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driving in Spain, tourism, flag

UK Driving Licences in Spain: Fast Approaching Exchange Deadline

UK nationals who have been residing in Spain since before March 16th, 2023 are being urged by the UK Embassy in Madrid to promptly swap ...
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American Expats in the UK: A Guide to Pension Contributions and Taxes

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, it also comes with a new set of responsibilities, ...
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Naked Stroll Costs Tourist €80 Fine at Palma de Mallorca Beach

In an unusual event, a tourist has been reported by the Local Police of Palma, Spain, for walking naked on the sands of Playa de ...
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St Kitts and Nevis

St Kitts and Nevis Revamps Citizenship by Investment Programme, Prioritizing High Net Worth Investors

The Government of St Kitts and Nevis has announced significant changes to its Citizenship by Investment Programme. These changes are specifically designed to attract high ...
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Emperor Nero's Theater

Archaeologists Unearth Remnants of Emperor Nero’s Theater Near the Vatican

According to reports from Italian media, archaeologists have discovered the remains of a theater constructed by Roman Emperor Nero in the courtyard of the Palazzo ...
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Hawai‘i Tourism

Hawai‘i Tourism Authority to Revive Visitor Education and Brand Management Initiatives in Europe

After the prolonged tourism lull induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hawai’i Tourism Authority (HTA) is ready to restore its work in Europe, one of ...
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Mount Etna fire

A Decade of Devastation: Global Wildfires Annihilate 202 Million Acres of Forests

The past ten years have witnessed a catastrophic devastation of global forests due to wildfires, burning approximately 202 million acres of land.
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Corfu Island wildfires

Corfu Island Begins Evacuation as Greek Wildfires Persist Amid Record Heat

With wildfires relentlessly raging across the Greek islands for the sixth day in a row, evacuation efforts have now commenced on the island of Corfu, ...
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