Indonesia’s Premier Golden Visa Goes to ChatGPT’s Co-Creator


In a bid to attract affluent foreign investors, Indonesia has awarded Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI and co-creator of the ChatGPT phenomenon, its inaugural golden visa.

The award comes in recognition of Altman’s prospective influence on the nation’s AI development, according to Silmy Karim, the director-general of immigration.

He added, “Golden Visa holders can bypass routine immigration requirements for temporary stay permits.”

The gesture is symbolic of Indonesia “rolling out the red carpet” to such individuals for the value they bring. Altman, renowned globally for leading the AI research giant, will benefit from expedited processes at Indonesian airports, allowing him seamless entry and exit.

Indonesia’s golden visa initiative offers a five-year stay for a $2.5 million investment and a decade for double the amount. The nation aims to cultivate a thriving AI sector amidst the global industry surge. Altman, who visited Indonesia earlier in June to discuss AI, was awarded the visa, though it remains uncertain whether it was applied for or directly bestowed by Jakarta officials.

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