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France Introduces Monthly Unlimited Train Passes

In a push towards sustainable mobility and a bid to reduce carbon footprints, France is making significant strides to revamp its public transport system.

Minister Delegate for Transport of France, Clément Beaune, during his appearance on France 2’s Telematin program, revealed the government’s ambitious plan to introduce a new monthly subscription system, granting commuters unlimited travel rights on inter-city and regional trains across the country.

Slated for a launch next summer, this progressive initiative will initially be confined to regional and inter-city trains. But, there’s more on the horizon. Beaune emphasized that the subsequent phase could see the inclusion of other urban public transport modes, such as buses, metros, and trams, in major cities.

Putting commuters’ concerns to rest about potential high costs, Minister Beaune stated that the monthly subscription will be reasonably priced around 49 euros.

The move garnered the support of the highest office in the land, with French President Emmanuel Macron expressing his approval of the unlimited public transportation ticket concept during his stint on the Hugo Decrypte social media channel this past September.

This innovative approach mirrors Germany’s recent move. In May, Germany rolled out the “Germany Ticket”, which, aside from long-distance and express trains, provides unlimited monthly access to a range of public transport options, including trains, metros, trams, and buses.

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