Tuileries Garden Paris

Kenzo Parfums Partners with the Louvre

Kenzo Parfums has found a new outlet for its passion for beauty and nature as a patron of the Louvre museum.

The Maison is sponsoring stunning floral landscaping in the Tuileries garden, a favorite spot for Parisians and tourists alike. Kenzo Parfum’s philanthropy will enable the planting of twice-yearly flowerbed arrangements that resonate with exhibitions at the world’s most famous museum. This artistic and horticultural partnership will continue through 2023.

Dazzling shades of red, harmonious tones of pink, infinite arrays of poppies, lavender, beds of luxuriant tall wild grass…. Since the beginning of summer, the Tuileries garden between Place de la Concorde and the Louvre museum has welcomed visitors to a strikingly quirky and poetic atmosphere.

The bucolic floral compositions spanning nearly 2,600 square meters of flowerbeds are the fruit of a patronage partnership between Kenzo Parfums and the Louvre museum. The program aims to showcase the gardens and the Louvre’s exceptional surroundings, an initiative that expresses the Maison’s never-ending quest to make the world more beautiful.

To transform this dream into reality, Kenzo Parfums has teamed with the Louvre museum to sponsor flowerbeds planted in the park twice a year, in spring and summer. The floral arrangements are the work of landscape designers from the Domaine National du Louvre and the Tuileries garden. The flowers, plants and color palettes are chosen to reflect the themes of exhibitions featured in the Louvre’s galleries.

For this summer’s exhibition “Body and Soul, From Donatello to Michelangelo, Italian Renaissance Sculptures”, the landscapers planted some 60,000 bulbs, including 130 square meters of poppies, Kenzo’s emblematic flower, creating color schemes that evoke the movement of the body and the emotions of the soul. Panels next to the flowerbeds explain the relationship between specific works in the exhibition alongside a description of the plants.

Photo Credit: Stanislas LIBAN

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