2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup

Indonesia Gears Up to Host FIBA World Cup 2023


Basketball enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the jump ball of the 2023 FIBA Basketball World Cup this Friday, August 25.

This year, the globally acclaimed event takes on an added layer of excitement with three Asian countries – the Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia – collaboratively hosting the grand showdown.

In a historic first, Indonesia will be part of the trio hosting the competition, a significant moment for the country’s sporting legacy. The tournament will spotlight 32 teams battling on the hardwood, showcasing their skills, determination, and national pride.

However, some traditional powerhouses will be noticeably absent. Türkiye, for instance, will not be gracing the courts after their unexpected elimination during Round 2 of the European Qualification. This exit was a disappointment to many fans who expected them to be among the contenders for the title.

The structure of the tournament promises intense match-ups. Only the 16 teams that have secured the top two spots in their groups from the initial stage will progress to the second round. As the stakes rise, only two teams from this round will advance to the quarterfinals, setting the stage for nail-biting encounters.

All eyes will be set on the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, the vibrant capital of the Philippines, on September 10th. This iconic venue will host the championship game, where two teams will compete to etch their names in basketball history.

There’s more than just the World Cup title at stake. Teams are also vying for a chance to compete in the Olympics. The best-performing squads from Europe and America will earn their Olympic visas. Simultaneously, one team each from Africa, Asia, and Oceania will also have the chance to represent their continent in the world’s premier sporting event.

This year’s FIBA Basketball World Cup serves as a testament to the unifying power of sports. With three nations co-hosting, the event will undoubtedly bring diverse cultures together, celebrating not just basketball, but also the spirit of unity, competition, and global camaraderie.

Basketball aficionados, mark your calendars and prepare for a festival of thrilling dunks, buzzer-beaters, and unforgettable moments. The road to FIBA glory begins!

– Groups:

Group A: Angola, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Italy

Group B: South Sudan, Serbia, China, Puerto Rico

Group C: US, Jordan, Greece, New Zealand

Group D: Egypt, Mexico, Montenegro, Lithuania

Group E: Germany, Finland, Australia, Japan

Group F: Slovenia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Venezuela

Group G: Iran, Spain, Ivory Coast, Brazil

Group H: Canada, Latvia, Lebanon, France


– Friday fixtures:


Group A:


Dominican Republic-Philippines


Group D:




Group E:




Group H:



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