UEFA Champions League Final

Will UEFA Champions League Final to Take Place in Russia?

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis may put at risk the 2022 UEFA Champions League final in St. Petersburg in May, as the European football’s governing body said it is “closely monitoring the situation.”

“UEFA is constantly and closely monitoring the situation and any decision would be made in due course if necessary,” the governing body told Anadolu Agency.

UEFA has already postponed the Youth League match between Dynamo Kyiv and Sporting Lisbon, which was scheduled to be played on March 2 in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on late Monday announced the recognition of Ukraine’s separatist regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, also attacking Ukraine’s government and accusing the West of ignoring Moscow’s core security concerns.

Later, he ordered the deployment of Russian troops to “maintain peace” in the separatist regions.

The announcements drew widespread global condemnation as violations of the UN Charter and international law, with Western countries vowing to impose harsh new sanctions.

Source: AA

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