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Google Flights’ New Feature Pinpoints Optimal Booking Times

Google Flights, which previously informed users whether current flight prices were low, average, or high, has now taken a step further.

According to the company’s recent blog post, the platform will soon display the times when the prices are at their lowest for bookings.

Before this enhancement, Google Flights provided users with a price history graph, comparing average prices for the same route over a period. With this latest feature, it will showcase the exact time frame during which the flight prices for a particular route and specified dates are at their lowest. This information aims to assist travelers in making more cost-effective booking decisions.

The platform will not only share the date range with the lowest prices but will also guide users on when to book for similar routes. This new approach promises to simplify price tracking. If you’re looking for the most affordable booking options, the tool will now also indicate how much longer those prices might remain.

Interestingly, the data suggests that the dates highlighted by the tool typically point to approximately two months before the flight’s departure. However, there are instances when a price drop can be noticed just before the departure date.

Based on flight booking trends for 2023 shared by Google, for trips commencing in the middle of December, especially around the New Year, the most favorable prices can be found at the beginning of October. Moreover, on average, flight prices tend to hit their lowest point about 71 days before departure. In general, the range for the lowest prices occurs between 54 to 78 days prior to the departure date.

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