Google Maps update for summer travel tips

Google Maps’ Update Introduces Expert-Curated New Travel Tools

Planning your next vacation just got a whole lot easier, thanks to the latest updates from Google Maps.

These enhancements are designed to simplify the process of finding new places to visit, dine, and enjoy, making your travel planning a breeze.

With the introduction of new, easily accessible lists, Google Maps now offers top-tier recommendations for travelers. Whether you’re visiting a city for the first time or looking to discover hidden gems, these curated lists from trusted sources and the Maps community have got you covered.

Imagine planning a trip to New York or Los Angeles. A simple search in Maps will reveal a treasure trove of expert-curated lists, from dining options selected by The Infatuation to Lonely Planet’s travel guides. This wealth of information is now at your fingertips, ready to be explored and shared with friends.

For those eager to try the newest eateries or revisit classic favorites, Google Maps has introduced three distinct lists. Whether you’re a repeat visitor and want to try the new trendy spot in town or you’re planning an epic international vacation and want to visit one of the city’s best restaurants, now you can find the perfect place with restaurant lists created by Google Maps. These lists are based on places people are interested in or loving on Maps right now:

  • The 🔥Trending list is updated weekly with places that have recently seen a spike in popularity on Maps. It’s ideal for helping you discover the latest hot spots.
  • The 🏆 Top list is home to places the Maps community has consistently loved. Come here to find an area’s tried and true, longstanding favorites.
  • The 💎 Gems list is for places that might be a neighborhood’s best kept secret. It’s home to great restaurants that still fly under the radar.

Users in more than 40 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada will be able to access lists of suggested dining and visitation spots via Google Maps. In the upcoming months, they will begin showcasing some of the best lists from the Maps community. Therefore, if someone has created a list they believe others will appreciate, they can nominate it by sending it to [email protected].

If you’ve ever wanted to create and share your ultimate travel list, Google Maps has made it easier with new customization tools. Not only can you organize your favorite places, but you can also rank them and link to your personal reviews, enriching your travel recommendations.

Create and Share Your Ultimate List

With Maps, compiling lists lets you curate your must-visit spots and track your past adventures, making it easy to share top picks with friends or on social media. Simply hit the “New list” button under the Saved tab to start. Add any place of interest directly to your list for easy access and to pin it on your map for future reference.

The newly introduced feature allows you to sort your list entries, enhancing their utility for trip planning. Arrange them in the order you plan to visit, creating a seamless itinerary. After exploring, adjust the order to rank your experiences, offering stellar recommendations based on your travels.

Moreover, you now have the ability to embed content from your social media, such as reviews of memorable meals, directly into your lists. This integration provides context and personal insights into why a place made your list. Look out for these updates on both Android and iOS platforms, rolling out worldwide by the end of the month.

Get highlights at a glance, powered by Google’s AI

Google’s AI now offers quick insights into places, helping you make informed decisions on the go. From identifying dishes to providing menu information, these AI-powered features ensure you’re well-prepared, whether you’re making a last-minute dinner reservation or exploring a new cuisine.

In addition to these functional updates, Google Maps has undergone a design refresh. The new look includes a streamlined home screen and vibrant pin colors, making it simpler to navigate and discover new destinations, just in time for the summer travel season.

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