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The Best and Worst Locations for Casino Gaming

Depending on where you are in the world, the rules and regulations concerning casino gaming, whether in-person or online, will differ. Some countries encourage the activity, and are famed for their luxurious and vibrant casino resorts and range of mobile apps, whilst other places still do not offer any kind of casino gaming to residents. The best locations for casino games will ensure that any gaming providers are licensed, regulated, and offer the best experience to customers, whereas the worst will have outlawed the practice entirely.

For locations that are not as well known for casino gaming, there are still options. For example, in some regions in the United States, there are very few retail casino resorts, so residents who want to partake in gambling have to use other means to do so. A good choice in these cases is no account casinos, which are online casino sites that do not require users to complete registration before playing (locally-licenced online casinos are also quite restricted in most parts of the US). There are so many no account casino sites out there, like those compared here, where players can enjoy many benefits associated with other online casinos, like a variety of payment methods and an excellent range of bonuses, Aneeca Younas writes. Although there are some states in the US where gambling is popular, such as Nevada and Arizona, there are also states where casinos, and other forms of gambling, are not legal. In Utah, the most widely practiced religion is Mormonism, which takes a strong stance against casinos, and in Hawaii, residents are only allowed to gamble socially.

There are some countries where casinos and other forms of gambling are strictly outlawed, and would not be visited by anybody who enjoys a wager. Somalia, Jordan, Kosovo, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar are all examples where casinos are illegal, either for social, cultural, political or religious reasons. In Qatar, the main religion is Islam, making up a large majority of the population, and under Islamic law any kind of gambling is forbidden, thus influencing the state’s laws on the matter. Interestingly, Kosovo is one of the few countries in Europe that has banned all forms of gambling. The ban was imposed by Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, and came about as an attempt to crack down on gambling-related crimes; Kosovans are hopeful that it will only last for a fixed 10-year term.

It wouldn’t be possible to talk about the best locations for casino gaming without mentioning the iconic Las Vegas, Nevada, and Monaco, two destinations known for their gambling. In 2022, casinos in Nevada brought in a staggering US$14.8 billion in revenue, and this number looks set to increase in 2024. There are well over 100 casinos across the state, all of which are frequented by millions of international and domestic tourists each year. If you’re looking for the true decadent casino experience, there is simply no better place to visit than Vegas.

If you’re after something similar but in Europe, then Monaco is the obvious choice. Monaco is home to the notorious Monte Carlo Casino, which is a large resort and complex in which you can not only gamble, but visit the theater or watch the ballet. The casino is owned by the Société des Bains de Mer (SBM) Group, who recently released their earnings for the latter half of 2023: the total generated reached €48.6 million, which is approximately US$52.5 million.

Overall, there are so many locations around the world that are renowned for their glitzy casinos and exciting gambling experiences. There are also countries that have fully legalized online gambling and casinos, for those who prefer iGaming. In regions without retail casinos, there may still be online options, such as no registration or offshore casinos. Before visiting a new country, it’s best to check the rules and regulations surrounding gambling, and do some research on any casinos in the area.

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