Air Botswana Expands Global Presence with APG Partnership

Air Botswana has officially partnered with APG to expand its sales and marketing efforts across numerous international markets.

This strategic alliance designates APG as Air Botswana’s General Sales Agent (GSA) for territories outside Botswana, encompassing an extensive list of countries across Europe, Asia, and Oceania, in addition to providing online GSA services in South Africa.

APG’s role will include spearheading sales development, engaging in comprehensive marketing activities, and offering reservation and ticketing services in the specified regions. This collaboration aims to bolster Air Botswana’s global presence and foster growth in key international markets.

Richard Burgess, President of APG Network, expressed enthusiasm about being selected by Air Botswana for GSSA representation services across multiple continents, including an online presence in South Africa. He emphasized the importance of this partnership in strengthening the relationship between APG and Air Botswana, and highlighted the commitment to driving passenger traffic from around the globe.

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