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What Does a New Google Maps Feature, Immersive View, Entail?

Google Maps is all set to get a major design update where users would navigate through simulated digital versions of cities for a detailed understanding of roads, buildings, and landmarks.

That’s the doing of the “Immersive View” setting that will be available in select cities later this year, including London, Los Angeles, New York, and Tokyo to start with.

With the same kind of atmosphere in Google Maps, it will be much easier for Google Maps users to find locations with the realistic simulation of neighbourhoods from any mobile or any other device. Looks good? Here’s what the entire update entails.

Biggest and Latest Updates by Google

The Google Maps developers are currently working on something that was first mentioned in the Google I/O May 2022 event, along with a lot of other announcements. Later, a press release by Miriam Daniel, the newly appointed VP of Google Maps Experiences, confirmed what the Google Maps developers are working on right now. And it’s something big!

Right now, you can turn your Google Map into a 3D model by changing into the Satellite View, and there is the “street view” option which allows a similar view of the neighbourhood using 3D images. But it is not as widely available as the new Immersive View is going to be.

Taking Google Street View to the Next Level

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, discussed how advances in AI have helped Google expand the Google Maps coverage to remote areas and reimagine how we explore the world in more intuitive ways over the last 15 years.

While the “street view” option has previously provided a similar option, it is not as widely available as the new Immersive View. The new Immersive View feature will be created by fusing billions of aerial images and using artificial intelligence technology to create a high-definition, digital model of the real world, similar to how Google Street View works now, but on a larger scale.

Because Google is leveraging artificial intelligence technology to fuse billions of aerial images of a city including neighborhoods, public places, and roadways. Because of the massive amount of data involved, the static images would appear like drone footage, thus creating a high-definition, digital model of the real world.

Visiting a New City Is Made More Familiar

The Immersive View feature takes simple navigation to the next level, where users will be able to get a real feel of an area and even look inside some restaurants and public places before visiting. The following are some of the best advantages of this feature:

  • Locate the ideal restaurant or pub or discover hidden gems in the local area.
  • Find out more about a local business, including opening hours and google reviews.
  • Have a safe and more enjoyable time while visiting a new city that supports the Immersive View feature in Google Maps.
  • The feature is viewed from almost any phone or device, so anyone can use it.
  • In new places, people can travel more independently and spend more time having fun than finding the location.
  • The app will provide public transportation schedule navigation for all types of travel: bus, train, bicycle and walking, and lots more.

Other Major Updates Rolled out with the Immersive View Feature

To go along with the Immersive View Feature, Google Maps is getting two more updates, all of which are linked to providing you with more convenience and will soon transform the way we travel the world. It is the Eco-Friendly Routing and making Google Live View available across.

Find Fuel-Efficient Travel Routes with Eco-Friendly Routing in Google Map

Sustainability is no longer a choice; it is a requirement. And the Google Maps Experience will take a step forward by evaluating the most fuel-efficient traffic routes to assist you in getting to your destination while using the least amount of gas and money possible.

The “eco-friendly” routing was recently launched in the United States and Canada, and when searching for driving directions, the app displays a fuel-efficient route. Over 86 billion eco-friendly miles have been chosen by users in the first few weeks of the launch. This equates to about half a million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions and the removal of up to 100,000 cars from the road. How cool is that!

Google Map Live View Gets Closer to Third-Party Apps

The best reason for doing so is to make it easier to navigate in perplexing environments like shopping malls, airports, and train stations. Google’s AI-based “global localization” technology is ready to assist you in getting to your destination and staying on the right side of the road! Live View will also be available for free in a growing number of apps. Whether you’re looking for a restroom in a stadium or seats in a multiplex, you’ve come to the right place. Just looking in the app can help you find what you’re looking for!

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