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Dubai Welcomes Ramadan Visitors with Special Passport Stamp

In celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Dubai is offering a unique stamp to passengers arriving at its airports, creating an exceptional welcome experience.

This special initiative, announced by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) on X, features a custom ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ stamp on visitors’ passports.

Dubai Ramadan passport stamp

The initiative is a collaboration between Brand Dubai and the GDRFA, aiming to immerse visitors in the spirit of Ramadan as soon as they arrive. The stamp not only symbolizes a warm welcome but also includes a QR code leading to a detailed calendar of Ramadan events and activities in Dubai, offering insights into the city’s rich traditions and vibrant Ramadan celebrations.

Designed with the ‘Ramadan in Dubai’ logo in both Arabic and English, the stamp’s circular design is adorned with stars and moon icons, reflecting the symbols of Ramadan. This special gesture by Dubai International Airport seeks to create lasting memories for those visiting Dubai during this sacred month.

Lieutenant General Mohammed Al Marri, Director-General of GDRFA Dubai, emphasized that such initiatives are aimed at crafting unforgettable experiences for Dubai’s guests. This effort underscores Dubai’s commitment to showcasing its cultural heritage and hospitality to the world.

Dubai has a history of issuing unique passport stamps for special occasions. Previously, visitors during the Dubai Airshow received a stamp featuring the event’s theme, and in February 2021, travelers were treated to a Martian ink stamp to celebrate the UAE’s Hope probe Mars orbit achievement, showcasing Dubai’s innovative spirit.

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