What to See and Do in Sochi

The Black Sea resort of Sochi is home to beautiful sunsets, thriving nightlife, and a bustling city centre.

From gentle strolls through the stunning magnolia-filled public parks to long evenings dancing the night away in one of the many bars and nightclubs along the boardwalk, Sochi has everything you could need and more for the perfect vacation.

After hosting the Winter Olympics in 2014, Sochi made a name for itself as a new and exciting destination for international tourists. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for luxury, there are activities and accommodation options to suit. Read on to find out about a few of the things you can do on the “Russian Riviera”.

Take in the views of the Agura Valley

The Sochi National Park is located to the east of Sochi and is spread out over the stunning Agura Valley, offering beautiful mountain views, sparkling waterfalls, Byzantine landmarks, and exciting caves. For an immersive nature experience, seek out one of the guesthouses in the area for a unique stay in this gorgeous national park.

Hike up Mount Akhun

A short 15km from Sochi city centre is the tallest point in the region: Mount Akhun. The views from the peak of this mountain can stretch as far as the Turkish coastline on a clear day, so it is well worth the effort to get to the top! The mountain is home to ancient Khosta Yew and Boxwood Grove, and the summit has a stunning 100-foot Romanesque tower from which you can see expansive views of the entire region.

Swim in the Black Sea

The coastline is a popular destination in the summer months as it is the perfect place to cool off with a swim. Sochi is the country’s biggest seaside resort, so it can get extremely busy here during the warmer months as tourists flock from all over Russia, and indeed the world, to take in the mountainous coastline, bustling nightlife, and immaculate beaches. The influx of tourists can sometimes double the population of Sochi, making it a truly vibrant place to visit and soak up the sun.

black seaThe Black Sea is a truly beautiful stretch of coastline

Stay somewhere beautiful

Sochi is filled with beautiful hotels, hostels, self-catering apartments, and B&Bs to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for an idyllic Country House stay in near the Agur Waterfalls or upmarket apartments on the Riviera Beach, there is something for you in Sochi. For glitz and glamour it doesn’t get much better than the Casino Sochi, which has been home to international PokerStars events since 2017 or, for a more down to earth stay, check out the Plants & Friends Hostel in the city centre.

Visit ancient landmarks

Sochi is scattered with ancient ruins and landmarks making it ideal for anyone who loves to explore history on their holiday. From the picturesque ruins of the Loo Temple in Sochi National Park to the Byzantine-era Godlik Fortress in the Lazarevskoe district, there are plenty of monuments and historic sites to keep you exploring for days.

Take in the culture

Not only is Sochi’s Art Museum home to works from many of Russia’s greatest artists, it is also a visually stunning landmark in itself. The beautifully ornate classical architecture designed by I.V. Zholtovsky is a sight to behold, and that’s before you even go through the entrance! Inside, the museum displays ancient Russian icons, a rich collection of Russian art, sculptures, graphics, and more.

Explore the Vorontsova Caves

There is evidence of humans inhabiting this vast cave system as far back as 20,000 years ago. The caves are some of the longest and most intricately connected complexes in the world and can be traversed on foot through various access points located along the Kudepsta River Valley. The interior of these sprawling caves is absolutely stunning and there are Instagram-worthy shots at every turn.

Whether you’re looking to explore culture and history or nature and nightlife, there is something for everyone in Sochi. So much so, in fact, that you may need to book another visit.

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