Destination Canada and Expedia Group

Indigenous Tourism in Canada Receives Major Boost with Expedia’s Investment

The Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) and Destination Canada have announced a significant investment of $100,000 USD from Expedia Group to bolster Indigenous tourism throughout Canada.

This investment is a pivotal step in promoting Indigenous tourism in the country and supports the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Call to Action #92, which urges the corporate sector in Canada to adopt the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a reconciliation framework.

Keith Henry, President and CEO of ITAC, expressed gratitude towards Destination Canada and Expedia Group for their commitment to Indigenous Tourism. “We are heading towards our shared vision to make Canada the world leader in Indigenous tourism experiences,” he said. He emphasized that by investing in Indigenous tourism businesses and communities across Canada, they are moving towards reconciliation together.

This contribution from Expedia Group is a substantial addition to ITAC’s newly established Indigenous Tourism Destination Fund (ITDF), launched on September 7th. ITDF provides a unique opportunity for travellers, Indigenous businesses, and non-Indigenous companies to actively participate in and support the development of Indigenous tourism. The fund focuses on four critical areas: infrastructure, product development, workforce, and marketing initiatives.

Aditi Mohapatra, Vice President, Global Social Impact and Sustainability, Expedia Group, highlighted the company’s pride in supporting such an important cause and their commitment to providing economic advancement for communities underrepresented in the travel industry as part of Expedia Group’s Open World™ social impact and sustainability strategy.

This collaboration aligns with ITAC’s ambitious vision to make Canada a world leader in Indigenous tourism, aiming to raise $2.6 billion over seven years, accelerate the growth of Indigenous tourism to $6B by 2030, create 800 new Indigenous tourism businesses, and generate an additional 21,000 jobs.

This initiative is a result of the strategic partnership formed in 2019 between Destination Canada and Expedia Group, with a shared belief that travel can be a powerful force for positive change and a commitment to creating a more inclusive industry. Gloria Loree, Senior Vice-President, Marketing Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer, Destination Canada, expressed pleasure at Expedia Group’s tangible support for ITAC and the Indigenous Tourism Fund and emphasized the importance of meaningful and clear action in supporting Indigenous tourism.

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