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Planning a trip to Jamaica?

Jamaica paradise island

Jamaica is a wonderful island paradise that caters to people from all walks of life. Most people who visit this island nation return to their homes with genuinely positive experiences. The Jamaican vacation experience is unlike anything you can find anywhere else on earth.

You may be surprised at some of the remarkable qualities Jamaica offers visitors. For example, Jamaican tap water is generally safe to drink. Unless you are visiting the most remote areas of this nation, you can safely drink the local faucet water and use it for personal hygiene.

Instead of staying in resort hotels, some tourists prefer a more personalized, free-form vacation experience. For people in this category, it may make more sense to rent luxury villas in Jamaica. Because Jamaica's interior roads can be narrow and winding, you'll want to drive with care while exploring this country. Renting a vehicle here is generally fairly affordable. Wherever you drive, stay on the lookout for potholes and the occasional aggressive driver. Most importantly, all Jamaican traffic sticks to the left side of the road. This is a result of Jamaica's status as an Anglophone nation. If you prefer to lean back and relax as you travel through Jamaica, feel free to take a bus. However, you should stick to using bus companies with excellent reputations.

Because Jamaica is so close to the United States, U.S. dollars are accepted nearly everywhere in major Jamaican cities. This is particularly true in hotels, restaurants and other tourist-friendly destinations. Still, it's not a bad idea to keep some Jamaican currency handy if you plan on visiting more remote areas. The social climate in Jamaica is fairly relaxed and welcoming. Upon returning home, most visitors report enjoyable days filled with friendly interactions. As most people in the Western Hemisphere already realize, Jamaica has some of the most exquisite beaches on earth. Because this is a small, cozy nation, it doesn't take very long to reach any of Jamaica's most beautiful destinations.

Reportedly, most of the vacation villas available in Jamaica are in fantastic condition. When you rent a beachside villa here, you are almost certain to have a fantastic time with your family and friends. After taking in this breathtaking island paradise for the first time, it's certainly possible you will want to return to Jamaica again and again. Jamaica is known for Rastafarianism, a life-affirming local religion that has spread worldwide. Although Jamaica is also known for it's cannabis culture, recreational marijuana use remains a petty criminal offense here.



Though you can find cheeseburgers and pizza in Jamaica, you'll naturally want to sample the local cuisine. Popular local dishes include jerk chicken, oxtail stew and Jamaican flatbread. Some of the best local food comes from ramshackle roadside diners. Generally speaking, local restaurants feature staff members who are used to dealing with travelers from many nations. Indeed, Jamaicans are known for treating outsiders with great appreciation and respect.

The Jamaican national fruit consists of saltfish and ackee, which is a delectable local fruit. Coffee fans will be delighted to find that Jamaicans like to make their brew quite strong. Jamaica is also known for its famous Red Stripe beer.

Although Jamaica is known for its lush, wooded interior, the beaches here are naturally a huge attraction for visitors. Jamaica's most famous stretch of coastline is Seven Mile Beach, which is located near Negril in western Jamaica. Besides offering all-inclusive resorts, western Jamaica features plenty of small, family-run properties with beautiful rental homes.

When visiting foreign destinations, American tourists are generally concerned about local security conditions. This is one more area where Jamaican vacations are quite advantageous. According to most reports, the more tourist-friendly parts of Jamaica are quite safe. Still, people should exercise caution in downtown Kingston and Montego Bay. Visitors to Jamaica should exercise caution at night, which is standard practice for visitors in most developing nations. Hotels in Jamaica run the gamut from family-friendly mega-resorts to boutique hotels. If you want more flexibility in your accommodations, you'll almost certainly want to look into renting a luxurious private villa. Most Jamaican rental villas feature beautiful furnishings and dignified interior design.


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