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Cambodia's Tourism Sector Set for Revamp with New Strategic Goals

Sok Soken

Sok Soken, the recently appointed Minister of Tourism, has unveiled a comprehensive plan to bolster Cambodia's tourism industry.

The plan, which aligns with the government's political platform and the Pentagonal Strategy-Phase I, introduces three primary goals and five strategic pillars. These initiatives are designed to position Cambodia as a top global tourism destination, emphasizing the theme "tourism connects land and nature."

The overarching objectives are to enhance the competitiveness, sustainability, and inclusiveness of Cambodia's tourism sector. The five strategic pillars, termed the "5-Build", will be buttressed by three support elements, dubbed the "Development 3Ds". While the specifics of the "5-Build" and "Development 3Ds" remain under wraps, their primary focus is to foster collaboration between state entities and all stakeholders in Cambodia's tourism evolution.



During a meeting with his predecessor, Thong Khon, and 400 ministry officials on August 25, Soken emphasized the importance of collective participation in realizing the vision for Cambodia's tourism future.

Photo shows: Sok Soken, new Cambodia Tourism Minister




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