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3 Kilimanjaro tours that you never heard of

Kilimanjaro tours

Many tourists think of Kilimanjaro only as a climbing/hiking destination. But what if we show you three more Kilimanjaro tours, not that popular but less crowded and even more picturesque? Intrigued? Read on to find out the details!

Hot springs of Kikuletwa

The hot springs of Kikuletwa in Kilimanjaro National Park appeared due to the displacement of plates during tectonic activity. The water here is not hot, but 100% very, very warm. If the safari and climbing the mountain bored you, you want to finally take a hot bath and just relax, we advise you to visit the Kikuletwa hot springs.

Emerald, crystal clear and warm water, in which you can see different fish, a bungee — for the brave, and a picnic area. In the tropical thickets surrounding this oasis, monkeys dart and birds sing! Do not forget sun cream and hurry up to have a rest after a hard day.



Lake Chala

Kilimanjaro National Park hides another gem on the eastern slope of its mountains — Lake Chala. This lake is one of the deepest in Africa and is located in a volcanic crater where water flows from the top of Kibo.

First, you should walk around the lake, admiring the beauty. You will have to stop for photos very often, so charge your phone and bring a portable charger. Here you can meet:



  • baboons;
  • green monkeys;
  • antelopes;
  • dik-diks;
  • tropical butterflies;
  • crowned eagles.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes — you will have to walk a lot.

Secondly, here you can find yourself in a canoe — for only 10,000 Tanzanian shillings (about $4.5).

And thirdly, if you can't live without swimming, you can do it here. Among other things, there is a restaurant next to the lake with great views.

Museum of the Chagga tribe

The Chagga (or Chaga) tribe is one of the main peoples of Tanzania and Kilimanjaro. They are mainly engaged in agriculture and cattle breeding, but civilization has caught up with the far corners of Africa (even hidden among the mountains) so that many representatives of the Chaga tribe work as employees and teachers.

This kind of Kilimanjaro tour is famous for the following:

  • cult of ancestors and the sun god;
  • beer from bananas;
  • wooden utensils;
  • playing flutes and drums;
  • small local huts.

Of course, to learn more about the culture of the Chaga tribe, you should hire a specialized guide. On the other hand, you can go to the museum. This activity suits those passionate about how tribal peoples live and who want to learn more about their customs and culture.

Your Instagram page will explode from a ton of new selfies

Hope you see that Kilimanjaro Park is an unforgettable experience even for the most sophisticated travelers. Indeed, Kilimanjaro tours are available for every budget and preference despite your age and goals (to relax on the beach or go hiking).


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