Travel Glossary – B


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Babymoon: A vacation taken by expectant parents before the arrival of their baby, aimed at relaxation and celebrating the upcoming change in their lives. Babymoons typically occur during the pregnancy’s second trimester, considered the safest period for the expectant mother to travel.

Back-to-Back Ticketing: A strategy used by travelers to book two or more round-trip tickets with overlapping travel dates to circumvent airline pricing schemes, often to save money on extended stays.

Baggage Allowance: The maximum amount of luggage a passenger is permitted to carry without incurring additional charges, as specified by the airline, bus, or train operator.

Baggage Check: The process of handing over one’s luggage to the transportation provider (usually an airline) for transport in the cargo area of the plane, train, or bus. The passenger retrieves their checked baggage at the destination.

Baggage Claim: An area in airports where passengers collect their checked luggage after arriving at their destination.

Baggage Master: A railway or cruise ship employee responsible for managing and overseeing passengers’ luggage, ensuring it is safely loaded, transported, and delivered to the correct destination.

Balcony Cabin: In cruise ship terminology, a cabin that features a private outdoor balcony, allowing guests direct access to fresh air and views of the ocean or river from their room.

Barge Cruising: A leisurely form of travel on a flat-bottomed boat, navigating through rivers and canals, offering an intimate and scenic view of the countryside, often with stops at small towns and places of interest along the way.

Base Fare: The basic rate charged for a flight ticket or travel service, excluding additional fees such as taxes, surcharges, and optional service charges.

Beachfront Property: Accommodation or real estate located directly adjacent to a beach, offering unobstructed access and views of the sea or ocean. These properties are highly sought after in coastal destinations for their scenic value and convenience.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B): A type of accommodation that offers overnight lodging and breakfast. B&Bs are typically private homes with many rooms available for guests.

Bellboy: A hotel employee whose primary duties include assisting guests with their luggage, showing guests to their rooms, and addressing any initial questions about hotel facilities or services.

Benelux: A political and economic union that includes three neighboring countries in Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, known for their rich history, cultural heritage, and significant role in European affairs.

Berth: A sleeping space aboard trains, ships, or other forms of transport, or a designated spot in a port or harbor where a vessel can be moored.

Bespoke Tour: A custom-designed travel experience tailored to the specific interests, preferences, and requirements of the traveler or group, offering unique and personalized itineraries.

Biking Trips and Tours: Guided or self-guided tours exploring destinations by bicycle, catering to various levels of difficulty and interest, from leisurely rides through cities to challenging routes across diverse terrains.

Biometric Screening: The use of unique physical or behavioral characteristics (such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scans) for verifying identities, increasingly used in airports to enhance security and streamline passenger processing.

Birthday Travel: Trips organized to celebrate an individual’s birthday, often featuring destinations or activities chosen to mark the occasion in a memorable way.

Blackout Dates: Specific dates on which promotional rates, frequent flyer miles, or other special offers are not available due to high demand or seasonal restrictions.

Boarding Group: A categorization used by airlines to organize the boarding process of passengers onto an aircraft. Passengers are assigned to different groups based on ticket class, frequent flyer status, or other criteria, helping to manage the flow of boarding in an orderly manner.

Boarding Pass: A document provided by an airline during check-in, granting the passenger permission to board the airplane for a specific flight.

Boat Charter: The rental of a boat or yacht for private use, which can include hiring a crew or opting for a self-skippered trip.

Booking Engine: An online platform that allows users to book travel-related services such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities directly over the internet.

Booking Form: A document or online form used by travelers to provide necessary information and secure reservations for flights, accommodations, tours, or other travel services.

Breakage: In the hospitality industry, refers to damage or loss of property items during a guest’s stay, with costs potentially charged to the guest or covered by the establishment.

Breakfast Included: A hotel or accommodation package that includes breakfast with the room rate, offering guests a meal at the beginning of their day without additional charges.

Bridge: In maritime terms, the area of a ship or boat where the vessel is commanded and steered. In travel, it can also refer to structures spanning waterways, valleys, or roads, often serving as significant landmarks or points of interest.

Boutique Hotel: A small and stylish hotel that offers personalized services and unique experiences, often located in fashionable urban locations or distinctive settings.

Bucket List: A list of destinations, experiences, or activities that a person hopes to accomplish or visit during their lifetime. Bucket lists often reflect personal goals and dreams in travel, ranging from seeing the Northern Lights to visiting iconic landmarks like the Great Wall of China.

Bulk Contract: An agreement between a travel service provider (such as an airline or hotel) and a purchaser (like a tour operator or travel agency), securing a large number of seats, rooms, or travel services at a discounted rate.

Bulk Fare: A reduced fare for purchasing tickets or reservations in large quantities, often used by tour operators or groups to achieve cost savings on travel arrangements.

Bulkhead Seat: A seat in an aircraft located immediately behind a bulkhead partition, often offering additional legroom but sometimes limited in recline capabilities. These seats can be desirable for taller passengers or those seeking more space.

Bumped: A term used in the airline industry when a passenger with a confirmed booking is denied boarding on a flight due to overbooking. Passengers may be bumped to a later flight and often receive compensation or alternative arrangements from the airline.

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): A high-quality, bus-based public transport system designed to deliver fast, comfortable, and cost-effective services at metro-level capacities. BRT achieves this through the provision of dedicated lanes, efficient boarding methods, and priority at traffic signals.

Business Class: A class of service on flights and trains offering higher quality seating, service, and amenities than economy class.

Business District: An area in a city where the majority of office buildings, businesses, and commercial activities are located. Business districts are often the hub of economic activity within a city, and they frequently serve as the location for hotels, restaurants, and shops catering to business travelers.

Business Travel: Travel undertaken for work-related purposes, as opposed to leisure or personal travel. It involves attending meetings, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions, and can include travel to different cities or countries. Business travel is essential for face-to-face interactions, networking, building professional relationships, and exploring new business opportunities.

Business Traveler: An individual who travels for work or professional purposes, including attending meetings, conferences, and corporate events. Business travelers often require amenities such as Wi-Fi, meeting facilities, and convenient transportation options to support their work-related needs while away from the office.

Bypass Ratio: In aviation, the ratio of the mass flow of air bypassing the core engine to the mass flow of air passing through the core. It’s a key performance metric for jet engines, especially in terms of fuel efficiency and noise reduction.

Byway: A lesser-known road or path, often scenic, that offers an alternative route to major highways. Byways are typically sought after for leisurely drives or rides that offer picturesque views and a chance to explore less-visited areas.

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