Hilton and Tesla EV charging

Hilton and Tesla Unite to Power Up North America’s Largest Hotel EV Charging Network


Hilton, in collaboration with Tesla, unveiled an ambitious plan to set up an extensive EV (Electric Vehicle) charging network across the North American continent.

As per a new expanded agreement, Hilton will integrate up to 20,000 Tesla Universal Wall Connectors across 2,000 hotels spanning the U.S., Canada, and Mexico by early 2024. This strategic move would position Hilton at the vanguard, offering the largest EV charging infrastructure among all hospitality companies.

Each participating hotel will be equipped with a minimum of six charging stations. Given the upsurge in EV owners, Hilton aims to be the top pick for eco-conscious travelers. This comes on the heels of Tesla’s recent unveiling of its Universal Wall Connector, designed to charge any North American EV, amplifying its vision of universal EV charging.

Matt Schuyler, Hilton’s Chief Brand Officer, commented on the initiative, “Hilton’s foremost aim has always been to meet the evolving demands of our guests. This collaboration with Tesla not only offers exceptional hospitality but aligns perfectly with our guests’ daily lifestyle, ensuring they always have access to overnight charging.”

Given Hilton’s significant presence across major highways and urban centers, it is strategically positioned to cater to long-distance travelers, ensuring their EVs are always charged and ready.

Rebecca Tinucci, Senior Director of Charging Infrastructure at Tesla, emphasized, “Our vision is to create a seamless charging experience for EV owners. Collaborating with popular destinations like Hilton hotels ensures no more unnecessary refueling halts, making the EV experience far superior to traditional gasoline vehicles. We appreciate Hilton’s pioneering stance in this realm.”

Data from Hilton.com underscores the growing trend of travelers actively seeking hotels with EV charging facilities. In 2023 alone, the portal recorded a spike in such searches, making it one of the most sought-after attributes.

Hilton’s latest venture resonates with its ‘Travel with Purpose’ mission, reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability and offering eco-friendly travel alternatives.

Photo credit: 2023 Hilton

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