Roberto’s Amman has a new Chef de Cuisine, Piero Nogaro

Roberto’s Amman Elevates Italian Fine Dining with Chef Piero Nogaro

Roberto’s Amman, located atop The Ritz-Carlton, Amman welcomed its new Chef de Cuisine, Piero Nogaro.

Chef Nogaro, with a rich lineage in Italian cuisine, aims to redefine Italian fine dining in Jordan’s capital.

Having inherited his culinary prowess from his Michelin-starred father, Chef Nogaro’s early years in a small town outside Milan laid the foundation for his exceptional career. His journey has taken him from prestigious Michelin-starred kitchens to leading hotels across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, enhancing his reputation as a culinary consultant worldwide.

At the helm of Roberto’s Amman, Chef Nogaro is set to propel the restaurant to unprecedented heights. His dedication to quality ingredients, authentic techniques, and a fusion of global flavors marks a new era for the establishment.

Chef Nogaro’s approach is a blend of passion, humility, and meticulous attention to detail, promising an enriching dining experience. His vision for Roberto’s Amman marries the sophistication of Italian haute cuisine with the inviting warmth of a traditional Italian home.

Under Chef Nogaro’s guidance, Roberto’s Amman will continue to host its signature ‘Rare’ nights, offering a selection of premium meats from around the world. This initiative is part of the enhanced dining experience awaiting guests at this celebrated destination.

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