SITA celebrates 75th anniversary

SITA Marks 75 Years of Technological Leadership in Air Transport

SITA, a global leader in air transport technology, is celebrating 75 years of innovation, dedication, and leadership in the aviation sector.

Founded in 1949 by 11 pioneering airlines, SITA has been owned by the air transport industry and driven by its needs since its inception. SITA’s history is one of constant technological innovation, starting in 1950 when it took its first steps towards creating the world’s largest data network, which stretched across 75 communication centers for 52 airline members by 1957. In 1966, SITA launched the world’s first working network to use packet switching principles, continuing to harness the most cutting-edge developments in IT and telecommunications—even contributing to the creation of the internet in 1969 by activating the world’s first nodal distributed network.

SITA’s journey has seen it not only expand its network but also its range of services, supporting airlines, airports, and governments with passenger and baggage processing, border management, and digital efficiencies. The introduction of the Common Use Terminal Equipment (CUTE) system in 1984 revolutionized how airlines and terminals operate, showcasing SITA’s role in enhancing operational efficiency and passenger experiences.

Throughout its history, SITA has played a pivotal role in supporting major global sporting events with innovative solutions, from the first e-visa system for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000 to digital identity integrations for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The company’s commitment to seamless travel continued with the introduction of SITA Smart Path, a biometric ID management technology, paving the way for touchless and digital travel.

David Lavorel, CEO of SITA, emphasizes the company’s ongoing mission to reinvent travel and transport, driven by a passion for the industry and a commitment to customer success. SITA’s focus on innovation is evident in its strategic direction towards flexibility, digital transformation, and sustainability.

Looking forward, SITA is dedicated to shaping the future of travel and transport, with significant investments in innovation and strategic initiatives aimed at operational excellence, sustainability, and resilience. Lavorel highlights the company’s focus on key trends and growth areas, including digital travel identities and the expansion into regional airports, vertiports, and beyond.

As SITA celebrates this significant anniversary, it reaffirms its role as a leader in the travel and transport sector, committed to advancing technology, sustainability, and customer experience.

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