Riva El-Iseo electric yacht

Ferretti Group Unveils Riva El-Iseo, a New Electric Luxury Yacht

The Ferretti Group has unveiled the Riva El-Iseo, marking the brand’s pioneering step into the E-Luxury segment with its first full-electric powerboat.

This innovative vessel draws on Riva’s 180-year legacy of elegance and style, melding it with a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge technology.

Designed by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design, in collaboration with the Ferretti Group Engineering Department and a Strategic Product Committee led by Piero Ferrari, the Riva El-Iseo epitomizes luxury and innovation. “The Riva El-Iseo not only redefines beauty in electric powerboats but also showcases our commitment to sustainability,” said Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group. The yacht has also achieved Rina Category B certification, affirming its adherence to the highest safety standards in yachting.

The 27-foot Riva El-Iseo boasts a sleek design with elegant lines and luxurious fittings, including polished mahogany decks and stainless steel details. The yacht’s modern bridge contrasts with traditional elements, creating a harmonious blend of old and new. Its first hull features a unique California Sky Blue color, complementing the aquamarine beauty line seen on all Riva boats.

Achieving a milestone in yachting, the Riva El-Iseo is the first full-electric runabout to receive RINA B Category certification. This recognition underscores its design and manufacturing excellence, suitable for handling significant wave heights and strong wind forces.

Powered by a Parker Hannifin full-electric engine, the Riva El-Iseo offers impressive speed and acceleration, rivaling traditional internal combustion boats. With a 250 kW power output, peaking at 300 kW, it reaches a cruising speed of 25 knots and a top speed of 40 knots. The boat includes advanced autotrim and Zipwake interceptors for optimal stability and performance.

The Riva El-Iseo features a high-energy-density lithium battery pack from Podium Advanced Technologies. These batteries not only offer efficient power but are also designed for quick charging and extended life, ensuring safety and accessibility with a redundant configuration and advanced thermal insulation.

The yacht’s dashboard is equipped with state-of-the-art digital displays, including a Simrad chartplotter and a Böning screen, providing full control over battery and cruising modes. Riva El-Iseo offers three cruising modes—Adagio, Andante, and Allegro—allowing for a range of speed and efficiency settings to suit various cruising conditions.

With its debut at the Monaco Yacht Club and subsequent rigorous testing, including participation in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, the Riva El-Iseo is set to redefine luxury cruising. It perfectly embodies Riva’s commitment to combining traditional elegance with modern sustainability, paving the way for the future of the luxury yachting industry.

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