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The BTO CVB has been especially busy this month in November, participating in various MICE events. US travel agencies specializing in incentive travel were invited for a fam tour and sales consultations were conducted through a Busan MICE roadshow in Taipei. The BTO CVB will also soon be participating in two major MICE exhibitions: IBTM (Incentive Business, Travel and Meetings Expo) World 2023, the world’s largest MICE industry expo, and Korea MICE Expo 2023, the largest MICE industry exhibition in Korea. The goal is to actively promote Busan as a MICE destination to buyers from around the world. Another event, “Happiness Insight 2023,” which was selected through the BTO CVB’s 2023 Busan-Specific B-Convention Project competition, will also take place in November towards the end of the month.

Taipei MICE Road Show

Busan Taipei Mice RdshowSource: Busan Tourism Organization

From November 8 to 9, the BTO CVB hosted an Busan MICE roadshow in Taipei. Approximately 80 industry professionals, including major incentive travel agencies, international organizations, and other stakeholders in the MICE sector, participated in the event. The BTO CVB was able to actively engage in numerous business and sales consultations. Furthermore, Korean delegates and Taiwanese buyers in attendance had plenty of opportunities to network, including at a dinner event. The BTO CVB also operated an experience zone for the making of 2024 calendars, which proved to be very popular. Overall, the roadshow served as an opportunity to effectively promote Busan as a global bleisure city to global MICE professionals and contributed to attracting more Taiwanese MICE events to Busan.

2023 Korea MICE Expo and IBTM World 2023

Busan Korea Mice RdshowSource: Busan Tourism Organization

The 2023 Korea MICE Expo took place in Incheon for three days from November 15 to 17. At the expo, the BTO CVB jointly led marketing efforts with BEXCO, Grand Josun Busan, and other BMA members and conducted one-on-one business consultations with industry professionals. By sharing information about Busan’s excellent MICE industry environment, the BTO CBV was able to generate tangible business outcomes. Buyers who visited the Busan promotional booth at the event were treated to coffee samples and gifted entrance tickets and coupons to Busan tourist attractions, much to their delight.

From November 28 to 30, IBTM (Incentive Business, Travel and Meetings Expo) World is scheduled to take place in Barcelona, Spain. Busan will be represented by a total of four organizations, including Paradise Hotel and the BEXCO convention center, which is part of the Haeundae Conference Complex. They will showcase Busan’s world-class MICE infrastructure to global audiences and use different presentation to emphasize the uniqueness of Busan as Korea’s only bleisure city. While at the expo, the organizations will aggressively promote Busan and conduct business consultations to attract large-scale MICE events.

Invitation Korea Fam Tour for US Travel Agencies

Korea Fam Tour for USSource: Busan Tourism Organization

From November 5, the BTO CVB hosted a seven-day 2023 Fam Tour for US Travel Agencies Specializing in Incentive Travel. After arriving in Seoul, the participants explored tourist attractions in Seoul and Gyeongju and then on November 8 they headed to Busan, where they had the opportunity to take in the breathtaking coastal views at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Haeundae Blueline Park. While in Busan, fam participants toured Busan’s excellent MICE infrastructure, including the Nurimaru APEC House, and explored the lively atmospheres of Jagalchi Market and Gukje Market, immersing themselves in Busan’s unique market atmosphere. As part of their travel itinerary, the group also watched a presentation and attended a luncheon hosted by the Busan Tourism Organization. Afterwards, many participants said that they were impressed by the beautiful landscapes of Busan that seamlessly combine nature and the urban environment. Many participants also praised Busan as an ideal destination for incentive travel, thanks in part to its comprehensive MICE infrastructure.


Busan-Specific B-Convention Nurturing Project

The city of Busan and the Busan Tourism Organization recently selected a representative regional convention through the 2023 Busan-Specific B-Convention Project competition. Organizations selected through the competition receive extensive support, including event funding, pre-promotion support, tourism programs for participants, and MICE kits. This year’s winning convention was “Happiness Insight 2023,” which is scheduled to take place for three days from November 24 to 26 at locations throughout Busan, including the Busan Cinema Center and Busan Multicultural International School. The convention, which celebrates the themes of happiness and healing, is open to people of all ages and offers visitors the opportunity to design their own special happiness. Various programs, including happiness lectures, talk shows, and a happiness book club are included as part of the event, so stop on by and take your happiness to a deeper level!

Proving the Values of Busan as a MICE City

In November, the BTO CVB took proactive steps to generate new demand through various global MICE events. Leveraging Busan’s competitive MICE infrastructure and unique appeal, the BTO CVB successfully demonstrated the values of the MICE city of Busan to different audiences. Keep a look out for Busan, the MICE city, as it continues to grow, garnering the interest of MICE professionals around the world!

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