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2024 International Tourism Cartoons Competition Winners Unveiled

The International Tourism Cartoons Competition, the only contest focusing on global tourism, celebrated its latest winners on April 26 at the ASKA Lara Resort & Spa hotel in Antalya, Turkiye.

The event, held since 2009, attracted numerous participants from the tourism sector in Antalya.

Coordinator of the International Tourism Cartoons Competition, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Kozak, in his statement, said, “We held the award ceremony of the International Tourism Cartoons Competition. Our friends did not leave us alone today. This competition is the only competition held in the field of tourism. It is held on a different theme every year,” he said.

This year’s theme was “Relations between tourists and local people living in holiday destinations”.

Over the years, the competition has seen thousands of entries on themes like “All-Inclusive System,” “Tourism and Peace,” “The Future of Tourism, Tourism of the Future,” “Holidays from Yesterday to Today,” “Travel Memories,” “Airport,” “COVID-19 and Tourism,” “Tourism Sector Employees,” “Space Tourism,” and “Women in the Tourism Industry.”

This year’s 15th edition focused on cartoons depicting the relationship between locals and tourists.

The competition is divided into two categories: “Adults” and “Youths.” Those 16 and under participate in the Youth category, while individuals 17 and older submit their works to the Adult category.

The Adult category awards first, second, and third places, plus a special prize named after one of the competition’s founders, Professor Atila Özer.

In the Adult category, the first prize went to Luc Vernimmen from Belgium, while the second prize was awarded to the Bulgarian cartoonist duo Alla & Chavdar Georgievi, and the third prize to Evžen David from the Czech Republic. The Atila Özer Special Prize was awarded to Romanian cartoonist Doru Axinte this year.

In the Youth category, the first prize was awarded to Ümmühan Zeynep Akyürek from Turkiye, followed by Sudenur Küçükbaş with the second prize, and Işıl Efe, also from Turkiye, took the third prize.

Professor Dr. Nazmi Kozak emphasized the competition’s role in promoting Turkiye’s artistic portrayal in the tourism sector during the award ceremony.

He expressed gratitude for the support from the main sponsor, Ramazan Aslan, the owner of the ASKA Lara Resort & Spa, and highlighted the importance of continued support from all tourism professionals.

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