Design of the new Sini Restaurant at the Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Istanbul

Luxury Collection Unveils Sini Restaurant at Sanasaryan Han, Istanbul

Situated in the historic peninsula, Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Istanbul, epitomizes luxurious hospitality and introduces guests to Turkey’s rich culinary heritage through the unique presentations of local cuisine at Sini Restaurant.

Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Istanbul, which opened in March 2024 and reported on, has revealed the highlight of its offerings.

Located in the heart of Istanbul’s historic peninsula, Sini Restaurant offers a unique dining experience that showcases Turkey’s rich culinary traditions. The restaurant blends local flavors with modern culinary techniques, providing guests with an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

portrait of Executive Chef Alper Adiller at Sini Restaurant in Istanbul

Executive Chef Alper Adiller leads Sini Restaurant, crafting a menu that features signature dishes inspired by Byzantine, Ottoman, Mediterranean, and Anatolian cuisines. Each dish is designed to take guests on a culinary journey through Istanbul’s rich history.

The traditional and well-established Istanbul meze “Lakerda” is a signature dish on the Sini Restaurant menu. Another unique course on the tasting menu is the “Marble Grouper,” known as the pearl of the seas. The “Lagos Fish,” combined with Taşköprü garlic, saffron, almond milk butter, and clotted cream, creates an unforgettable taste. To end the dining experience on a sweet note, guests are offered blueberry sorbet with tahini and sesame seeds, paired with the traditional dessert “Pişmaniye.”

Sini Restaurant also offers an immersive culinary experience through its monthly Epicurean Workshops. In these special gatherings, guests enjoy the flavors of Istanbul with Chef Alper Adiller. They visit the historic fish market in Karaköy to select fresh fish and combine them with traditional spices from the Spice Bazaar. Under Chef Adiller’s guidance, guests prepare their meals, uncovering the culinary secrets behind the city’s gastronomic heritage and experiencing a transformative culinary journey.

Sini restaurant table and side seating with white curtains on the restaurant windows

The ambiance of Sini Restaurant reflects the timeless elegance of Sanasaryan Han. With refined décor and an exquisite setting, it offers a sophisticated dining experience. Guests can also enjoy meals on the open-air terrace, perfect for savoring the historic surroundings.

Volkan Öztürkler, General Manager of Sanasaryan Han, describes Sini Restaurant as more than just a dining destination; it is a journey through time. Chef Adiller emphasizes the importance of preserving culinary traditions and believes in the power of storytelling through food.

Sini Restaurant at Sanasaryan Han, a Luxury Collection Hotel, seamlessly blends Istanbul’s rich history with contemporary elegance, making it a must-visit culinary destination.

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