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Severe Turbulence on Turkish Airlines Flight Causes Injury to Crew Member

A Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Izmir encountered severe turbulence, leading to a serious injury for one of the cabin crew members. The incident happened during flight TK2320 on an Airbus A320.

According to local media, the turbulence occurred right after the in-flight service had ended. The pilot announced the turbulence and advised passengers to fasten their seatbelts. Despite the warning, the sudden turbulence caused the aircraft to lose altitude abruptly.

During this sudden drop, a cabin crew member, who had been with the airline for just two months, was lifted off the floor and hit the ceiling of the plane. She then fell to the floor, resulting in a fracture in one of her spinal bones.

Upon landing in Izmir, the injured crew member was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. Passengers on the flight reported experiencing significant fear during the turbulence.

This incident reminds us of this week’s severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight, which injured several passengers and killed one passenger. It highlights the importance of following safety instructions during flights, especially in situations involving turbulence. The airline and aviation authorities are likely to investigate further to understand the full details of the event.

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