Tesla Involved in Most Auto-pilot Car Crashes in US

Tesla cars lead the nation in auto-pilot car crashes last year, according to a report Wednesday by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The electric car company was involved in 273 Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) crashes from July 2021 to May, 15, 2022.

Honda followed with 90 crashes, Subaru with 10, Ford with five and Toyota had four, said the report.

Six people were killed and five seriously injured in the 392 crashes.

The report said most crashes were in the state of California which had 125, Florida was next with 34 and Texas had 33.

There are 830,000 autonomous Tesla vehicles on US roads with 6 million for Honda.

There are six ADAS levels from zero to five — no automation, driver assistance, partial automation, conditional automation, high automation and full automation.

Source: AA

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