Philips Tableaux 5150I

PPDS Unveils 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I: Next-Gen ePaper Signage

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays, unveiled the latest innovation in its award-winning ePaper signage range—the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I.

Designed specifically for hotel and hospitality environments, this product represents a significant leap forward in full-color ePaper display technology.

Embracing a global strategy dedicated to delivering sustainable, energy-conscious solutions, the launch of the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I positions PPDS at the forefront of a market projected to reach nearly $43.2 billion by 2030. The company’s commitment to innovation was evident at ISE 2023, where they introduced the world’s first full-size, full-color digital signage display—the 25” Philips Tableaux. This product set a new standard for energy efficiency in digital signage, providing an unplugged, power-free solution for vibrant 24/7 content display.

The 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I elevates PPDS’ ePaper portfolio, offering a versatile solution suitable for standalone use in bars, cafes, and restaurants, or as part of a network across multiple hotel locations worldwide. “Philips Tableaux ePaper displays offer a sustainable solution, eliminating the need for paper and reducing environmental impact. With our new 32” model for 2024, we are once again leading the market with next-generation ePaper technology,” stated Martijn van der Woude, VP of Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS.

Developed in collaboration with E Ink, a long-term R&D partner and global leader in ePaper technology, the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I is the world’s first signage display to run on E Ink’s revolutionary E Ink Spectra 6™ color platform. This platform delivers unprecedented color performance and a true print-quality experience on a 2560 x 1440, 16:9 digital display.

“When you see the Philips Tableaux 5150I in action, it’s almost indistinguishable from a printed poster,” commented Andrea Barbuti, Global Product Manager at PPDS. The display offers versatility in mounting options and serves as an ideal replacement for paper-based communications, providing endless opportunities for in-store advertising, wayfinding, and more.

Remote management is made easy with the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I, as it joins the ever-growing Android SoC family at PPDS. Users can opt for manual management or leverage third-party software and PPDS’ proprietary PPDS Wave platform for advanced remote device management. The display conserves energy by only requiring power during content updates, with the ability to display static imagery power-free.

Content updates are straightforward, with multiple connectivity options including USB, micro USB, Micro SD, LAN, and WiFi 5. The display also supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) for fixed installations requiring regular image changes.

Details on availability and pricing will be announced in early 2024, with demonstrations scheduled for ISE in Barcelona and InfoComm in Las Vegas. Robert Hsu, VP of Global Product Strategy at PPDS, expressed excitement about the technological breakthrough represented by the 32” Philips Tableaux 5150I, anticipating its adoption in a wide array of business environments.

Martijn van der Woude concluded with enthusiasm about the partnership with E Ink and the promising future of the ePaper signage market, expecting the launch of the 32” model to further drive the popularity of the Philips Tableaux range.

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