Trabzon’s Tourism Surge Demands New Airport


The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of Turkey highlighted the significant growth of tourism in Trabzon, with Minister Abdulkadir Uraloğlu announcing a total of 737,137 tourists visiting between January and July, comprising 339,695 domestic and 397,442 international tourists.

Uraloğlu emphasized Trabzon Airport’s status as one of Turkey’s major airports, boasting an annual capacity of 4 million passengers. The facility ranks seventh in domestic passenger numbers and tenth for international travelers.

Pointing to the ever-increasing tourism potential, the minister emphasized the need for a new airport. On June 30, 2023, Trabzon, which witnessed a record-breaking 145 aircraft movements, will be bestowed with a new airport to cater to its growing demands.

Detailing the figures, Uraloğlu shared, “In 2022, passenger numbers were 2,471,442 domestically and 703,337 internationally, totaling 3,174,779. Between January and July 2023, these figures reached 1,498,345 and 457,606 respectively, cumulating to 1,955,951 passengers. Aircrafts from 12 countries including Germany, Azerbaijan, UAE, Bahrain, Iraqi Kurdistan, Israel, Qatar, Northern Cyprus, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Jordan landed at Trabzon Airport. This is a testament to the escalating tourism potential of the region, which continues to grow year by year.”

Uraloğlu reassured that the current airport will remain functional until the new airport project is completed. Additionally, upgrades are being made to the existing facility.

Furthermore, during the summer of 2023, Trabzon Airport reported a total of 3,909 flights from various countries, including 260 from Germany, 50 from Azerbaijan, 598 from UAE, and 1,166 from Saudi Arabia, among others. (AA)

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