Trabzon New Bus Terminal

Trabzon to Welcome a State-of-the-Art Bus Terminal to Boost Tourism and Trade


Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, Murat Zorluoğlu, conveyed to an AA correspondent that the city’s old terminal was no longer sufficient, and with the growth in commerce and tourism, the city needed a more modern terminal.

Zorluoğlu explained that not just a terminal, but essentially a new attraction was being constructed. He said, “This is a 25-decare area, our bus station has 11 thousand square meters of indoor space. It’s a very modern project, designed to provide a comfortable service. It’s also an iconic structure, built with an aesthetic understanding.”

Zorluoğlu also highlighted that the project was leading the way for urban transformation, promising a more attractive facade for the region. Speaking about the project, he added, “It cost us approximately 250 million lira, but of course, it’s a sacrifice for this beautiful city.”

The Mayor pointed out that the terminal is not only beneficial for Trabzon, but also for other cities in the region. He shared that if an intercity railway arrives in the future, the terminal could also be converted into a train station.

Zorluoğlu stressed that the terminal would be used by companies operating routes to Erzurum, Rize, Gümüşhane, Samsun, and other provinces. He mentioned, “We have started moving our municipal companies here. It will also become a campus under the control of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. We see this place as a transformable structure in the coming decades.”

The three-story bus terminal being constructed in Değirmendere district, which includes 28 bus bays, a parking lot, social area, restaurant, buffet, and reading room among various other sections, is planned to be put into service at the end of August. (AA)

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