Trabzon Experiences Tourism Boom with a Significant Rise from Gulf and European Countries


Trabzon, a city where the greens and blues merge and which stands out with its unique cultural richness, is now a favorite holiday destination for tourists, especially those from warmer regions, and those wanting to escape city life.

Visitors to the city are drawn to attractions such as Uzungöl, Sümela Monastery, Sera Lake, Çal Cave, Şahinkaya, Boztepe, Kızlar Monastery, Ganita, and Ayasofya Mosque. Besides sightseeing, tourists indulge in shopping and explore alternative activities like trekking, rafting, safari tours, fishing, horseback riding, boat and yacht cruising, mountain climbing, and paragliding.

The Provincial Culture and Tourism Director, Tamer Erdoğan, said that Trabzon continues to attract significant tourist attention this season, as it does every year. “All of our Gulf countries show interest in our province. Recently, there has also been increasing interest from European regions, especially from countries like the Netherlands, Italy, France, and Germany,” Erdoğan remarked.

Elaborating on tourists’ preferences, Erdoğan stated, “Guests particularly favor the plateaus, including popular spots like Sümela, Uzungöl, Hıdırnebi, and others. They enjoy spending time near streams and cool places, enjoying nature at its best.” Additionally, he highlighted that there has been a 50% increase in the number of boats in Trabzon recently, stating, “Our guests love to explore different destinations via boats along the coast, which is invigorating for both sea tourism and alternate tourism options in Trabzon.”

July witnessed an 81% surge in tourist numbers compared to the same month last year. Erdoğan further shared, “According to our current data, we have hosted approximately 400,000 foreign guests in the first 7 months of 2023, a 79% rise from the same period in 2022. The total number of domestic and foreign visitors for this period stands at 740,000, marking a 43% increase from last year’s average.”

Erdoğan highlighted that Trabzon hosted 192,892 foreign tourists last month alone. “Compared to July last year, there’s a 112% increase in foreign tourists. In total, we hosted 268,427 people in July 2023, which represents an 81% increase. We hope Trabzon will continue to attain its deserved place in tourism.”

Hayri Can Aydın, the person in charge at Sera Lake Facilities, echoed that the influx of tourists continues unabated compared to the previous year. Aydın emphasized the high number of visitors from Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Jordan, indicating their packed schedule throughout the week. He attributed the good weather to the increasing tourist turnout, stating, “Thankfully, we host our tourists efficiently without any issues.” He added, “They love being close to nature. The season is going well, and we hope it continues this way. As August approaches its end, we’re planning and preparing for the next season, contemplating how we can enhance the experience for our visitors further.” (AA)

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